Organic Recycling & Mulch Supply in Fort Worth, TX

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Buy Mulch

Mulch reduces the growth of weeds and prevents soil erosion, which is vital for a healthy landscape. Mulch also protects your customer’s investment, the environment, and encourages return business. Happy customers will work with your company again.

Whether you are here dropping off your organic debris after a job in the Fort Worth area or making a trip out specifically for our mulch, we make the mulch buying process a simple one. Trained staffs are available to guide you through our lineup of mulch types and answer any questions you might have. You can purchase mulch in bags or bulk depending on your needs or purpose.

Organic Recycling

Recycling helps protect our environment and reduces the need for producing new materials. Organic recycling conserves energy that would otherwise be expended, helping climate change and our planet as a whole. Redeeming Materials is a mulch supplier and organic dump for landscapers and do-it-yourselfers in the Fort Worth, TX area.

We have a quick, convenient place for you to bring in your trees, brush, and debris for recycling into mulch. ‘Tipping fees’ are affordable and our process is extremely efficient. We are quick, ensuring that you and your work crew are back serving customers in no time.